Sunday, January 20, 2008

Finished Drawings

These are all of my in-class drawings and assignments from my first art class. We worked with live models, which was a lot less awkward than I imagined it being, but I am omitting the ones with full nudity so I can keep this blog public.

Phil and Geoff's dorm room:


This was my final assignment. The photo of the full version was blurry so I'll put it up later (I'm a terrible photographer, if you haven't come to that conclusion already)...

So that's all of it. It was nice to crank out some finished pieces for a change. Working with models a good experience to apply what I learned from books and such, though I still have some lop-sided heads and proportion issues. 
I still feel like a dork when I'm sighting things with my pencil, but it's helped my work a lot I think.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Drawing Class Prelim Sketches

I bought a sketchbook for homework sketching assignments. Some of them I spent more time and effort on than others, but here are the highlights.

First Quarter Sketchdump

Here's most of my sketchbook since first moving to Bellingham. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 17, 2008


*New Blog* 
Thanks to any returning viewers, and welcome to newcomers. My old blog had 3700+ views so I'm glad I have some of you interested.
I'm blogging here instead because Myspace is a designing and coding nightmare. It's been a long time since posting there, and my traffic has died anyway.

So-- now I've finished my first quarter of college. I took a drawing and composition class, and enjoyed every second of it. Hopefully you'll notice a big improvement in my work's quality (and quantity).