Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween: More important than you might think.

For this year's Halloween I went all-out... First time I really bothered with it since I came to college, and boy, was I missing out...
So three weeks ahead I started to feel the pressure since I didn't have a costume yet, and eventually it hit me-- to make a Prawn from District 9. It's a new enough movie that only a select few will get it (which is fine by me), but also not have any better costumes done by others to compare it to. I knew it'd be an intense ordeal, but three weeks is long enough right?...
Barely. I worked all day every day whenever I could... which usually meant cutting far into my sleep time. It was definitely a struggle, and I'm glad it's over. But now I have some cool pics, and a $100 gift card I won at my school's costume contest!

(These two above were taken by Dieter Amick)

Anyways, the whole walkthrough can be found HERE
Special thanks goes out to Robert Espinosa, who happened to model a prawn in excellent 3D detail just prior to my construction. His image was my primary reference.

Here are a few samples from the set: