Sunday, December 21, 2008

End of Fall Quarter Update: Part 1-Illustration

I know, I'm waaaay behind on this blog...
I just finished a great fall quarter at Western-- I probably wouldn't have had it go any other way looking back on it (except for dropping microeconomics right off the bat). I took my first industrial design courses, and they were really challenging and a lot of work, but just as fun as any art class. On top of that, I learned a lot of new things. I'll upload photos of my ID work in a bit (apparently you should take your work out of the plastic cell portfolios before you photograph them...) so for now, here are just a few drawings from my beginning illustration class. I have to say, while I didn't learn much technique-wise, the time we spent on observational drawing is exactly what I needed to improve.

Black and white charcoal pencil

Vine charcoal

Graphite pencil

Graphite pencil

Compressed charcoal

Compressed charcoal

Graphite pencil

Graphite Pencil

Graphite Pencil

Black and white charcoal pencil


Watercolor and ballpoint pen


There is a lot more I could post, but they're all nudes will more detail than young eyes should see... I think most of those are my best work from the class, so if you're of a reasonable age and would like to see that work, take this link

That's all for now. Sit tight until I can take some reasonably decent photos of my industrial design stuff. As in, not crappy.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I like where this is going...

It's about halfway through the quarter so I thought it was a good time to update.
I actually haven't finished a ton of "artwork" yet. But I've been drawing a TON. And loving every second of it.
My industrial design class has me free-handing drawings in perspective in pen, designing page layouts, and writing instructions for a book that explains perspective and rendering. I have to say though, the instruction about perspective has been more of a review than anything, but I think my drawing style has become much more calculated and mathematical.
Some nights, this is what's going on in my dorm at 3:00 in the morning:

And this is my makeshift light-table. It's rickety, but get's the job done... if it doesn't blind me or give me a headache first.

I've yet to get any assignments from my drawing/illustration class (for graphic design majors?!) that require me to actually finish a drawing into a polished piece of art... On the other hand, I've gotten a lot of exercise in yet MORE perspective, and figure and portrait drawing. Those sketches might show up if I decide to make this blog "mature-rated"... But being a teacher to elementary school kids... that probably won't happen.

And I have some good news!!!


My terraform sculpture survived! Here are some shots of the bisque-fired piece. Yeah, it looks the same, but it's a bit smaller now and a different color. It's set to fire one last time, where it'll get a little smaller and more toasty looking.

And I went home during Halloween, but here's a shot of my 30-minute zombie makeup for my friend's birthday party the night before:

Pretty hot, huh?

That's it :/ By the end of the quarter I should have a ton of new stuff. Stay tuned...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wrapping Up the Summer

My summer's basically through now and I'll be registering for classes in a week. Hopefully during the school year, this blog will become more interesting as I show work in different media like wood, 3D design, or even metal. Until then, we'll have to make do with the classic drawings, digital painting, and ceramic sculpture...

Been rushing through my sketchbook in my excitement to start a new one with my new Prismacolors. Here are the less mediocre pages:

Final product of the sci-fi soldier painting from ages ago. Be sure to click for full-size.

Last pics of the terraform sculpture before firing. I sculpted over 50 trees 1-2cm tall. Let's hope my summer doesn't disintegrate in a catastrophic explosion in the kiln.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Here's some progress shots of my (still untitled) city.

Not sure what kind of tree I want. I have very limited options working in this scale...

And if you're wondering, yes, I've started my will in case this thing explodes in the kiln.

A quick speedpaint:

This one still sees a little attention here and there. Almost done.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Here and There

So, if you're wondering, my summer is going great.
Two weeks ago I finished working at the Palouse Art Camp, which consisted of three week-long sessions of drawing, painting, designing, and sculpting with kids of all ages. I wish there was something like this art camp when I was a kid, so it's pretty rewarding for me to teach kids the things I've learned on my own. And I get to take away some education (and mediation) experience.

I've always wondered what it'd be like to have a younger brother. I think Eric counts for 5.

I had a bit of time for my own art at the camp too. Here's my homage to the Palouse's landscape.

And now I'm running out of summer and still don't have a lot to show... Been working on several long-term projects little by little so don't rush me.

Here's a progress animation of something I wish I hadn't started. Almost finished though.

Been quite on-and-off with this one. Don't worry about it if you can't tell what's going on here.

Still can't think of a title for this one so maybe someone can help me out?

I'll wrap this up with a Ring Wraith for good measure.

P.S. For tradition's sake, I make this promise: I'll update soon, before summer's out.
Yeah, I don't think I will either.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Winding Down

Two more weeks until my first year of college is over with. I've had a lot of time to draw and paint since I have pretty much no homework to do... This is what I have to show for being the guy who is NOT stressing about his homework and finals:

WOW! A life drawing?!

Here's the finished armor suit design. It only took me, what, 21 more days to crank it out? I'm lucky I finished it at all...
Edit: Had to make some important changes...

Monday, May 5, 2008


Once again, I got distracted from my blog and didn't bother to post. I'm quite overdue, so today I have for you some pages from my sketchbook, those environment studies, and a work in progress at the end.

Let's get started.

The following are referenced environment studies.

This is a work in progress. Wanted to develop the suit design in one of my sketches above. Been working on it off and on, and hopefully I'll get around to finishing it.