Sunday, November 2, 2008

I like where this is going...

It's about halfway through the quarter so I thought it was a good time to update.
I actually haven't finished a ton of "artwork" yet. But I've been drawing a TON. And loving every second of it.
My industrial design class has me free-handing drawings in perspective in pen, designing page layouts, and writing instructions for a book that explains perspective and rendering. I have to say though, the instruction about perspective has been more of a review than anything, but I think my drawing style has become much more calculated and mathematical.
Some nights, this is what's going on in my dorm at 3:00 in the morning:

And this is my makeshift light-table. It's rickety, but get's the job done... if it doesn't blind me or give me a headache first.

I've yet to get any assignments from my drawing/illustration class (for graphic design majors?!) that require me to actually finish a drawing into a polished piece of art... On the other hand, I've gotten a lot of exercise in yet MORE perspective, and figure and portrait drawing. Those sketches might show up if I decide to make this blog "mature-rated"... But being a teacher to elementary school kids... that probably won't happen.

And I have some good news!!!


My terraform sculpture survived! Here are some shots of the bisque-fired piece. Yeah, it looks the same, but it's a bit smaller now and a different color. It's set to fire one last time, where it'll get a little smaller and more toasty looking.

And I went home during Halloween, but here's a shot of my 30-minute zombie makeup for my friend's birthday party the night before:

Pretty hot, huh?

That's it :/ By the end of the quarter I should have a ton of new stuff. Stay tuned...

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