Sunday, January 20, 2008

Finished Drawings

These are all of my in-class drawings and assignments from my first art class. We worked with live models, which was a lot less awkward than I imagined it being, but I am omitting the ones with full nudity so I can keep this blog public.

Phil and Geoff's dorm room:


This was my final assignment. The photo of the full version was blurry so I'll put it up later (I'm a terrible photographer, if you haven't come to that conclusion already)...

So that's all of it. It was nice to crank out some finished pieces for a change. Working with models a good experience to apply what I learned from books and such, though I still have some lop-sided heads and proportion issues. 
I still feel like a dork when I'm sighting things with my pencil, but it's helped my work a lot I think.

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