Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"I don't get it"

I did this a while ago for a t-shirt challenge in my IDSA club, and just found out it was chosen to be printed along with 4 others here. Mine is named WWU Tee 3, so help me and WWU IDSA by buying these shirts!
Behind the design-- I've always been frustrated during shoe shopping because I see so many ridiculous designs, most of them looking something like this. It just looks like it's made out of a 100 different pieces of overlapping material, and it can't justify itself by serving any purpose than maybe cushioning your foot a little more if you happened to drop a bowling ball on it. I painted "Space Boots" because I don't get why that style sells, especially because if it's non-functionality. At the same time, people look at my shirt and say, "I don't get it".
So... I guess the real purpose of my design is to displace my confusion onto others.